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Bluelake Mineral has initiated a life cycle assessment of the Rönnbäcken nickel project in Sweden

Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" and "the Company"), has as previously announced, via its Swedish subsidiary Nickel Mountain AB ("Nickel Mountain") entered into an agreement with SRK Consulting AB ("SRK Consulting") to conduct a preliminary economic assessment ("PEA") of the Rönnbäcken nickel project in Sweden. As a supplementary analysis to the PEA, Nickel Mountain has now appointed consultant Minviro Ltd ("Minviro") to conduct a so called life cycle assessment ("LCA") including analysis of CO2 footprint and other environmental impact from the Rönnbäcken project.

Minviro has been appointed to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) related to the Rönnbäcken nickel project in Sweden. The deliverable will be an ISO-compliant 14040/14044:2006 LCA report highlighting the environmental footprint of the mining and concentration processes of the nickel product of the Rönnbäcken project.  The LCA will be a 'cradle-to-gate' study on the proposed production process, meaning the product will be assessed from the point of resource extraction to a final gate. In a first stage, the analysis will consist of:

ISO-compliant LCA of the Rönnbäcken Project

  • The objective is to quantify the environmental performance for the Rönnbäcken's project, including:
  • Generate detailed life cycle inventory data (energy and material inputs and associated emissions) for the mining and concentrating of the ore into nickel concentrate
  • Carry out a life cycle impact assessment to generate data for the global warming potential, water use and other impact categories
  • Distinguish between scope 1, 2 and upstream scope 3 emissions of the project's value chain
  • Produce an ISO-compliant LCA report, presenting all findings and recommendations of the project's environmental impacts for internal use (shareholders, investors, potential off-takers, etc).

Scenario analysis

The objective of the scenario analysis is to quantify the changes in environmental performance for different project designs compared to the results of base case LCA, enabling environmentally informed decision making. The following scenarios will be evaluated:

  • Quantify the impact of using an electric haulage fleet compared to a diesel fuelled haulage fleet or a trolley assist system.
  • Evaluate the impact reduction of carbon sequestration potential on the carbon footprint of the project's products.

The LCA will run in parallel with the PEA with the ambition to be finalized simultaneously so that findings in the LCA can be referred to in the PEA. However, before the full LCA report can be publicly announced, an external review is required. This review is carried out by a panel of independent LCA experts from academia and industry. This panel review, depending on workload, is expected to be conducted during spring 2022.

Stockholm, October 2021
Bluelake Mineral AB (publ)
The Board of Directors

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General information about the Company 

Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) is an independent Swedish company active in exploration and mine development of copper, zinc, nickel and gold resources.

The Company owns approximately 99% of the subsidiary Vilhelmina Mineral AB, which is focusing on the development of copper and zinc deposits in the Nordic region. In Sweden, the Company owns Stekenjokk, where a total of approximately 7 million tons of ore was mined between 1976 and 1988. According to previous resource estimates, there is a remaining indicated mineral resource of approximately 7.4 million tons with grades of 1.17% Cu, 3.01% Zn and 47 g/ton Ag (at cut-off grade of 0.9% Cu). In Norway, the Company is owner in the Joma field, where approximately 11.5 million tons of ore was processed between 1972 and 1998 with an average grade of 1.5% Cu and 1.5% Zn. The Joma field (excluding Gjersvik) is, according to a recent mineral estimate by SRK Consulting, containing indicated mineral resources of approximately 5.6 million tons with grades amounting to 1.04 % Cu and 1.67 % Zn and inferred resources of 0.3 million tons with grades 0.9 % Cu and 1.3 % Zn (at cut-off of 50 USD/ton).

In addition, the Company owns the nickel projects Rönnbäcken (which is Europe's largest known undeveloped nickel resource) and Orrbäcken in Sweden. According to the mining consulting company SRK, the Rönnbäcken project contains a mineral resource of 668 million tons with an average grade of 0.176% nickel ("measured and indicated"). The preliminary economic assessment that SRK completed predicts a production of 26,000 tons of high-grade nickel concentrate per year for 20 years, which would be a significant proportion of Sweden's total annual use of nickel which thereby has a strategic value. Orrbäcken is an exploration license that is considered to have potential as a nickel deposit.

The Company owns the gold project Haveri, through its subsidiary Palmex Mining Oy, which in 2014 carried out a so-called Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) prepared by SRK Consulting. This report estimates 1.56 million oz. historically inferred mineral resource of gold equivalents with a grade of 0.93 g/t gold.) Kattisavan is mainly considered to have potential as a gold resource and is located within the so-called gold line, close to projects such as Svartliden, Fäboliden and Barsele.


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("the Company" or "Bluelake Mineral"), has via its Swedish subsidiary Nickel Mountain AB ("Nickel Mountain") from the Swedish Mining Inspectorate obtained extension with one year for each of the exploration permits named Kattisavan nr 4 (gold) and Orrbäcken nr 4 (nickel).


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" or the "Company") announced on 15 July 2022 that the Company had entered into a final agreement regarding the sale of all shares in the Company's subsidiary Palmex Mining Oy to Mahvie Minerals AB ("Mahvie Minerals") (the "Sale") and the subscription of shares in Mahvie Minerals (the "Investment"). Bluelake has today completed the Sale and the Investment.


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" or the "Company") announced on 20 June 2022 that the Company had entered into a letter of intent regarding the sale of all shares in the Company's subsidiary Palmex Mining Oy to Mahvie Minerals AB ("Mahvie Minerals") (the "Sale"). Bluelake has today entered into a binding agreement with Mahvie Minerals regarding the Sale. Bluelake Mineral has further raised loans of SEK 8 million (the "Loan") from private investors. The purpose of the Loan is partly to, as part of the Company's subscription for shares in Mahvie Minerals, finance Mahvie Minerals, and partly to strengthen the Company's cash position.


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" or the "Company") has today entered into a non-binding letter of intent with Mahvie Minerals AB ("Mahvie Minerals") and the majority shareholders in Mahvie Minerals regarding the sale of all shares in the Company's subsidiary Palmex Mining Oy to Mahvie Minerals (the "Sale"). Bluelake Mineral will in the Sale receive a consideration of SEK 14,800,000 in the form of a promissory note, which shall be used to subscribe for new shares in Mahvie Minerals by way of set-off (the "Set-off Issue"). Furthermore, Bluelake Mineral shall invest additional SEK 4,000,000 in cash in Mahvie Minerals in a directed issue of shares (the "Cash Issue", and together with the Sale and the Set-off Issue, the "Transactions"). Following completion of the Transactions, Bluelake Mineral will own 50.1% of the shares in Mahvie Minerals, and the intention is to distribute the shares in Mahvie Minerals to the shareholders in Bluelake Mineral through a so-called Lex Asea dividend, in connection with which the shares in Mahvie Minerals are also intended to be listed on a multilateral trading facility (the "Listing").


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) (the "Company" or "Bluelake Mineral") has, via its subsidiary Vilhelmina Mineral AB, been granted a Natura 2000 permit for mining operations on 2 June 2022. The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten has granted Vilhelmina Mineral AB a permit in accordance with Chapter 7 Section 28a of the Environmental Code for mining activities in connection with and within the Natura 2000 area Vardo, Laster and Fjällfjällen (SE0810394) in Vilhelmina municipality. According to the County Administrative Board the environmental impact assessment meets the requirements in chapter 6 of the Environmental Code. This permit is valid for 30 (thirty) years from the date of the decision and further advances the permitting process for the Company's Stekenjokk-Levi copper-zinc project.


The shareholders of Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake" or the "Company") have held an Annual General Meeting on May 12, 2022 (the "AGM") whereby the following main decisions were made.


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) (the "Company" or "Bluelake Mineral") is pleased to announce the results of a Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA") for its 100% owned copper and zinc project which comprises the Stekenjokk-Levi deposit, located in Sweden, and the Joma deposit, located in Norway (the "Project"). The PEA considers a target 750 kilo tons per annum ("ktpa") mining operation over a mine life of 17 years.  The Company believes the Project has the potential to supply copper and zinc to the growing renewable energy economy of northern Europe.


The Board of Directors of Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" or "the Company") has today, with the support of an authorization from the Annual General Meeting held May 26, 2021, decided on a new share issue directed to a group of private investors (the "Investors") of a maximum of 1,396,647 shares at a subscription price of SEK 3.58 per share and at a total value of approximately MSEK 5 (the "Share Issue").