About us


Bluelake Mineral is a Swedish company focused on exploration and mine development in the Nordic region within base metals, primarily copper, zinc and nickel. The company also holds projects with assets such as gold.

In copper and zinc, the Company focuses on developing the Swedish project Stekenjokk and the Norwegian project Jom with the objective to put them into production mining. For Stekenjokk, a revised application for an exploitation concession has recently been submitted to the authorities. For Joma, the first step in the Norwegian equivalent of a exploitation concession has been obtained (“right of extraction”).

Further, the Company also holds Swedish nickel project Rönnbäcken and the Finnish ld goproject Haveri. In both these cases, the Company is actively seeking financial and industrial partners for development of the projects.

Business idea

The company’s business is to identify, acquire and develop interesting mineral projects up to the point of starting the mine and either operate the mine in collaboration with a larger industrial partner or sell the project. The focus is on the development of base metal projects in the Nordic region.


The primary objective is to put at least one mine into operation within four to seven years or sell the project to an industrial buyer creating substantial shareholder value. In addition, the company strives to build a broad portfolio of first-class base metal projects, which have the potential to result in start of mining operations.


The company’s strategy focus is:

- Primary focus on base metals in the Nordic region – copper, zinc and nickel
- Secondary focus on precious metals in the Nordic region – gold
- Acquire projects in the early stages with existing mineral resources and with good potential to increase total resources, e.g. in areas with previous mines (“brown field” situations)
- Current focus is on the Swedish projects Stekenjokk and Levi and on the Joma project in Norway
-Development of Joma as a central hub for processing
- The other mineralisations are satellite projects where the ore is transported to the central processing plant in Joma
- Identify, acquire and develop additional projects to increase total mineral resources
- In connection with start of mining operations, invite larger industrial partner as co-investor