Environmental and sustainability work in the mining industry is long-term. Bluelake Mineral strives to conduct a maximum resource and environmentally efficient operation during the period up to the mine start, during mining and after mining operations have ended.

Both Stekenjokk and Joma are previous mines and there is good historical knowledge about how this activity affected the environment and nature at the time of operation and how the business could be optimized for the least possible impact.

Bluelake Mineral will use this knowledge together with the latest technology and expertise to minimize all forms of environmental impact. This objective should be quantified in annual sustainability plans and will be an integral part of the Company’s applications for environmental permits.

Bluelake Mineral is a member of Svemin (Swedish Mining Association) and follows the industry organisation’s ethical rules including environmental protection policy.

Responsibility, openness and risk awareness are key words for Svemin’s members.

Read more here: https://www.svemin.se/english/ethical-rules/