Bluelake Mineral’s operations will create a significant number of jobs directly and indirectly at both local and regional level when mining is initiated. The company’s ambition is to secure local and regional competence as much as possible before and after mining starts.

The company sees it as essential to contribute to creating attractive communities for employees and residents in our locations. The hope is that this can increase commitment to and understanding of our business and the mining industry as a whole.

Dialogue with reindeer husbandry:

Bluelake Mineral works both in Sweden and in Norway in reindeer husbandry areas and a good long-term cooperation with the Sami villages is very important. Therefore, in order to minimise negative effects and impact from mining operations, the Company strives for an open dialogue with the local Sami villages.

The company’s strategy is to continuously inform the Sami villages of planned measures and, as far as possible, involve and obtain acceptance for measures when needed. The company’s basic view is that mining operations and reindeer husbandry can co-exist and to adapt the business accordingly.