Stock Information

The number of outstanding shares in Bluelake Mineral is 75,406,834.

Bluelake Minerals share is listed on NGM Nordic SME since December 16 2016, previously with the name Nickel Mountain Resources.

Trading information

Shortname:  BLUE
ISIN-code: SE0015382148


Market Cap for instrument:


Ownership Structure

Ownership Structure per December 28th, 2022.

Shareholder Number of shares Share
PETER HJORTH PRIVAT OCH GENOM BOLAG                   3 568 301 6,42%
FÖRSÄKRINGSAKTIEBOLAGET, AVANZA PENSION                   2 594 736 4,67%
JONAS DAHLLÖF PRIVAT OCH GENOM BOLAG                   1 816 631 3,27%
RICKARD SAMUELSSON                   1 361 127 2,45%
PETER LEIJON 1 000 450 1,80%
CHRISTIAN SÖDERHOLM                      950 000 1,71%
NORDNET PENSIONSFÖRSÄKRING AB                       784 077 1,41%
ZENX AB 714 616 1,29%
Others (APPROX. 10 500)                42 132 509 75,83%
TOTAL                55 561 834 100,00%

NGM Nordic SME

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